Chocolate Oranda Goldfish

Common Name Oranda Goldfish

Scientific Name Carassius auratus species

Family Cyprinidae

Community Goldfish

Class Goldfish

Temperature 78 F

Swimming Range Middle

Adult Length 8-10 inches

Feeding Habits Fresh spinach, zucchini, peas and lettuce. Frozen plankton, vegetable diet, daphnia, beef heart, brine shrimp, glass worms and blood worms. Tablet and Pellet foods also accepted. Live plants will be eaten, so use as a food source. Compatibility A peaceful and schooling fish.

Habitat China: Moderately decorated with rocks, plastic plants and driftwood.

Breeding During the spawning season the male will have tubercles (small white dots, not to be confused with the disease ich) on their head, pectoral fins and gill covers. Thousands of eggs are produced and the parents are veracious egg eaters and must be removed immediately after spawning.

Additional Comments The Oranda is best described as a Lionhead with a veiltail. The headgrowth or Wen should encase the entire head except the eyes and mouth. The fins are long and a dorsal fin is present. Not suitable for ponds and low temperatures should be avoided. Orandas tend to be hardy and long lived. Average life span is 15-25 years.