The Tarpan is a prehistoric wild horse type.

The Tarpan lived in Southern France and Spain, eastward to central Russia

The original wild Tarpan died out during the late 1800's. The last Tarpan horse died in a Russian game preserve in 1876

They died out when their natural forest and steppe habitat was destroyed to make room for more people. They also came into conflict with farmers who did not want the wild Tarpans eating their crops or stealing their tame mares

The Polish government created a preserve for animals descended from the wild Tarpan at a forest in Bialowieza. Over the years this herd has developed more and more Tarpan characteristics. Today this breed is sometimes referred to as the Polish Primitive Horse

The modern Tarpan is a genetic recreation of the original wild breed

The first bred back Tarpan, was born in 1933 at the Tierpark Hellabrunn in Munich, Germany

The Tarpan is mouse dun or grulla in colour. The face and legs are darker than the body

The mane and tail are flaxen, but dark in the centre where the dorsal stripe passes through

They stand between 13 and 13.2 hands tall

The head is large, with a thick neck

The back is short and strong, with very low withers

The hooves are dark and very tough, never requiring shoes

The Tarpan has a very calm disposition - they are friendly and affectionate, and very intelligent